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You have come to the right place for talented sports horses when you visit the lovely village Geesteren that is situated in the wonderful environment of Twente. Showjumpers, Dressage horses, and hunters. for years we strive for continuation and well pleased customers. Therefore we do our utmost best to find the most suitable horse for our customers.

Maathuis Stables is a family business that trades for already more than 150 years in top dressage horses and show jumpers all over the world. Our team consists of Jan and Anneke Maathuis – van der Grift and their son Bart who lives together with his wife Ellen Maathuis – van der Aa and their three children in a renovated farmhouse on the property of Erve Maathuis.

You are always welcome to pay our family business a visit. In addition, we are willing to book a hotel at all times. For further inquiries of questions, please do not hesitate and contact us.